DeFi Product — HONEY&BNB

What is Honey (HoneyFarm Finance)?

Honey Farm Road Map

Phase 1 ☝

Phase 2 🤘

Reason for recommendation:

HONEY-BNB DeFi Participation Method — Web

Step 1: Access

Step 2: Click Register at the top right to sign up!

Step 3: Wallet Creation (Metamask)

Step 4: Add BSC Chain to Metamask Wallet

Step 5:Buying BNB Coins on Exchanges

Step 6: Withdraw BNB from BICLOVER to MetaMask (BSC Chain)

Step 7: Add HONEY Coin to Metamask Wallet

Step 8: BNB > HONEY Swap

Leave BNB to be used as a fee (about 0.01BNB) and swap 50% of the remaining amount to HONEY

Step 9: Get ready before DEFI deposits — Link your wallet to HoneyFarm

Step 10: DEFI Deposit

Today, I will show you both LP and POOL methods. You can choose the method you want to proceed.

☞DEFI Deposit Method 1: LP

☞DEFI Deposit Method 2: POOL

※ The above article is a simple information sharing, and all investments have a risk of loss of principal, so please choose them carefully.



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